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Rokk Bottom Creative is a trading name of Rokk Bottom Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 7133471

Registered Address: 14 Leadendale Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire ST3 7NJ


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Website and Logo
Welcome to Rokk Bottom Media

We are a leading website design and online marketing company based in Stoke-on-Trent. With a national client-base

spanning both the public and private sector, we have established a reputation as a company that strives for excellence

with the clients’ needs as our top priority.

The knowledge and experience of our team is our biggest assets. This is evident in the quality of the websites we

design and the service we provide. We treat all projects, small or large with equal care and attention; focusing on

detail, simple concepts and innovative designs using the latest in internet technology.

Our online marketing team are passionate about delivering campaigns that drive leads, sales & brand visibility for our

clients. We focus on rapid and quantifiable Return On Investment (ROI), because we understand that building traffic

and rankings in search engines means nothing unless they also help build your business. The overall objective of our online marketing initiative is to help sell your goods and services. Our online marketing initiative have been proven to enhance customer relationships and increase business profitability.

We have a variety of different approaches that you can take. Your online marketing campaign will usually include a mix of different strategies that are best suited to help you meet your overall objectives. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques are extremely effective and provide long term results. We undertake Email Marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients, from design, delivery to reporting back. Social Media Marketing is now considered to be the most valuable marketing tools of our generation. We can help you to transform your online presence by developing and executing a clear social media marketing strategy on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. We at Rokk Bottom Media have a vast amount of experience of managing Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to drive traffic and profitability to your site. Our Website Design team can create websites that are entirely built to you specific needs, no templates used. Our highly skilled web designers will create your company an impressive and effective online presence.

Our web design and online marketing team are experts in their field, so whether you are a new business looking to develop an internet presence for the first time, or an existing company then email

Our Clients
Rokk Bottom Media

Birnie Training Consultancy

Project Features



Birnie Training Consultancy came to us in 2012 because they lacked a website and a brand identity. They wanted to use the website as a medium to represent their company, add value to their offering and offer convenience to their clients.


We designed for them a 6 page brochure type website from scratch. The website features the following pages: Home, About Us, Training Programmes, Clients, Contact Us and Form Submission.


We believe that email marketing is only truly effective with the right technology, approach and expertise. It’s about producing communications that are engaging and relevant to each audience.

We can help with the whole process, from concept, design to distribution and reporting back.


SEO is a long term online marketing process that has extremely beneficial results. These positive results have seen a rapid increase in the number of companies, from every industry, which are now concentrating a huge portion of their marketing budget to fighting for the top position in search engines.


At Rokk Bottom Media we know that a creative, well designed site can transform the way your customers see your business and make it stand out from the crowd.

We have a fresh, forward thinking approach to web design. We can turn web design ideas into powerful business assets.


Successful branding campaigns communicates the essence of your business and what it delivers to your customers. A strong brand can make your business stand out from the crowd in competitive markets.

We create powerful new ways for brands to connect with people, and people to connect with brands.


The reach of a Social Media Marketing campaign is global; you will see instant increases in website traffic, leads, and sales.

Our social media expertise can help you to connect with your target market whilst also attracting a powerful new online audience to your website.


The reach of a Social Media Marketing campaign is global; you will see instant increases in website traffic, leads, and sales.

Our social media expertise can help you to connect with your target market whilst also attracting a powerful new online audience to your pages.

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