CEO Dr. Kaher Tahat meets ‏The Rt Hon. David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee in New York City, the former British Foreign Secretary. 
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Dear All,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of our new website with the latest news about our company Saudi Crown Holding ('SCH').

Saudi Crown Holding ('SCH') is a multi-sector investment company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that represents my business interests and those of SCH management. Current Assets Under Management exceed US$ 2 billion.

We have developed long term strategic Joint Venture ('JV') partnerships with tier one international companies in a number of sectors which include public utilities, critical water and energy facilities, large scale transportation and other infrastructure projects, and defence & security systems.

We invest collectively with our JV partners, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, and ultra high net worth individuals mostly from the Middle East and Asia. We buy value especially when we can add value, and deploy leverage based on export finance and government guarantees.

We focus on growth oriented investments which benefit and are in line with the Saudi Kingdom's 'Vision 2030': diversifying its economy both inside and outside the Kingdom; driving socio-economic change; and utilizing human resources.

Although our emphasis is to make investments in the Kingdom and associated Middle Eastern and North African countries, we are not bound by geographic constraints and will consider global opportunities which fit our investment criteria: most notably in China and Turkey, as well as in the Sub-Saharan African and Southeast Asian regions.

We look forward to becoming a driving force in commerce and investments in the Kingdom and beyond.


HRH Prince Fahed Bin Turky Bin Faisal AL-SAUD


His Royal Highness Prince Fahad Bin Turky Bin Faisal A Saud

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